On behalf of everyone who attended the Emerging and Translational Biology of Leukodystrophies conference, GLIA would like to thank all the individuals who volunteered their time to plan and manage the logistics of the event. In particular, we would like to thank Dean and Teryn Suhr of MLD Foundation, who provided audiovisual support throughout the conference. Thanks to their efforts, dozens of individuals - from the United States to Europe, and even as far as Australia - were able to stream the presentations live via the GLIA website. We are pleased to announce that the conference footage is now available below, and we invite you to watch the presentations at your leisure and learn about the exciting work being done by leaders in the field. The full conference agenda can be accessed here.





Note: Select presentations cannot be made available at this time because they contain data that has not yet been published. For specific inquiries, speaker contact information will be provided upon request. Please contact Omar Sherbini for further details.